Oxford Jean and Leather Shoe

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Often characterized by the beautiful closed lacing style it presents, this oxford shoe is elegant, classic, timeless, and create for any occasion. 


Material:  Jean material, burgundy calf leather, leather lining, Goodyear leather and mountain rubber.

History: All our shoes are crafted by hand and made-to-order in Africa, the Motherland. Making shoes by hand demonstrates a unique kind of connection while knowing that someone spent hours building something just for you and that it wasn't made in a sweatshop.

Hand-Cut: Our unique and timeless patterns are all cut by hand. We do not include molds, lasers, or factory machines of any sort in our shoes' production.

Purpose: We've proudly created jobs for Americans and Africans. We also donate a percentage of our revenue to causes charities recommended by our loyal customers and researched by our highly qualified team.