The Classic Wine Suede Chelsea Boot

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Nothing beats The Classic Leather Chelsea Boot. This is the most important shoe of our time.  Year after year, the Chelsea Boot is one of the most desired boot out there.  This slip-on boot has been a classic for years, and we're sure it'll stay that way.

Material:  Wine-colored velvet, tan calf leather, tan leather lining, brown leather, and rubber sole.

History: All our shoes are crafted by hand and made-to-order in Africa, the Motherland. Making shoes by hand demonstrates a unique kind of connection while knowing that someone spent hours building something just for you and that it wasn't made in a sweatshop.

Hand-Cut: Our unique and timeless patterns are all cut by hand. We do not include molds, lasers, or factory machines of any sort in our shoes' production.

Purpose: We've proudly created jobs for Americans and Africans. We also donate a percentage of our revenue to causes charities recommended by our loyal customers and researched by our highly qualified team.